Frequently asked questions about the Pidro Challenge online application

The game has been tested on Chrome and Edge browsers. On other browsers the graphics may align differently.

The game has not specifically been designed for mobile browsers but works reasonably well. Some buttons may be a bit small and there is a lot of information on a small screen.

There are four factors in calculating the rank, your player level, your trophy points, number of more wins than losses and finally your win percentage. The are valued in said order with the only exception that 100 net wins counts as much as one trophy point.

When you level up your rank according to your player level. Each trophy won has a certain number of trophy points according to its difficulty.. Net wins and win percentage act as tiebreakers when all other things are equal.

The AI players of Pidro Challenge do not cheat. They see exactly the same information as a human player would. They don’t “see” the opponents’ or partner’s cards. They don’t know how the deck is shuffled. The deck is random and the computer players do not statistically enjoy better cards than you.

The computer players just know how to play Pidro, some of them frighteningly well. Of course, it is irritating to suffer a loss against a bunch of ones and zeros but that is the Challenge.

Unfortunately this happens if the net crashes at an unfortunate moment when a bid or a play is requested from the server and you have to refresh to continue (or if you cheat by refreshing in hope of better cards).

When we launched the rankinglist we noticed that the game was refreshed with gusto in hope of new cards so a score of -14 was introduced to remove any possible benefit from refreshing. One player engineered a win percentage over 90%. Before the ranking list this was not really an issue since the game was solely a solitaire game without any connection to other players but with the ranking list people could measure themselves against the rest. Unfortunately our solution is somewhat heavyhanded since there is no way of telling whether the refresh was man made or due to a network problem.